VLM Press Award for
Professional Excellence & Business Conference 2022.

20 – 21 of October

An innovative award

Men of Great Valor is one of the main business awards for Brazilians from different sectors working in the United States in recognition of their relevant achievements and performances in the country.

A Valuable Historical Record

An award that records in a book the trajectory and experiences, curiosities, aspects of life, the success and achievements of Brazilians in America.

Why the prize
Men of Great Valor?

In addition to representing a gesture of gratitude and a way of giving back a little of the much, we received in this country, HGVUSA aims to promote the growth and strengthening of the Brazilian Community in the United States.

The Publisher VLM Press is an American company founded by Brazilians living in the United States that today has the opportunity to make public life stories of immigrants who stand out in several areas with the Men of Great Valor Award.

The creation of the prize Men of Great Valor, has several meanings, but the key point is to highlight stories with ethical values, moral and social values ​​of people hitherto little known and that we now have the chance to make public in the globalized publishing universe, in which we specialize.


The Men of Great Valor Awards 2021 marked the history of the Brazilian community in the United States. One of the most notable events in recent years.

Men of Great Valor 2021

The book that marked the success of the first Men of Great Valor event 2021 is now available to order with free shipping in the United States.



There comes a time for all the efforts we have made to be recognized. Even more so with a prize as valuable as this one.. This board represents a lot of sweat, a lot of effort throughout this season we spent here in the United States.”

- Michael Krymchantowski

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