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Men of Great Valor is a relevant award for the Brazilian community

Why the prize
Men of Great Valor?

A gesture of gratitude to give back a little of the much we have received.

The Publisher VLM Press is an American company founded by Brazilians living in the United States that today has the opportunity to make public life stories of immigrants who stand out in several areas with the Men of Great Valor Award.

Edivaldo A Fontes - CEO & Fundador da VLM press

Brazilians Who Make History

The creation of the prize Men of Great Valor, has several meanings, but the key point is to record and highlight stories with ethical values, morals and professionals of men hitherto little known, publishing their stories in the book Men of Great Valor, now in two volumes.

They are stories that relate the experiences, the overcoming, and the resilience of Brazilian immigrants that today are reflected in the success achieved. This award immortalizes the stories with the annual publication of the book Men of Great Valor serving as encouragement and support in the lives of others; and that at some point, these stories will influence them positively, inspiring them with hope, strength and faith to continue in the pursuit of realizing their own dreams.

Raising the Value of Brazilians

Why the name Men of Great Valor?

The definition of the word valor describes the purpose of this award:

Value is the meeting of norms, moral precepts and/or social rules, that are passed from a person, society, group or culture to another(s).

The VLM Press Professional Excellence Award Men of Great Valor is an innovative initiative that aims to raise the bar for the ethical and moral standards of Brazilians in the United States through public recognition of those who, for their personal and professional merits stand out in the Brazilian community and among Americans.

Lombardi Jr and Edivaldo A Fontes

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